Room 45: Armando Mesías

October 25 - December 9, 2019

Around, Castellana 45, Madrid

Mesías work explores such essential themes as the passage of time, memory or identity. Inspired by the environment and urban landscape of his native Cali, the artist focuses his attention on those places, corners, elements and people whose individual appearance and existence have been diluted in the recurring rhythm of daily life: it is in the everyday things around us, in what is apparently irrelevant, where his identity as a creator finds the essence that connects him with his origins.


The material from which his works are made does not arise from the immediate experience before the event, place or person but rather from his memories of them, to which the artist accesses through time and distance. It is precisely the very nature of memory, experienced as a diffuse, intangible, volatile memory, and even superimposed on others, what determines the light and semitransparent appearance of the materials, as well as the fabric or paper on which they try to settle and find their place.

Armando Mesías's work is both a return to his geographical origins and to his first contacts with art: a return to the simple, to the recursive and to the spontaneous. An 'Eternal Return', that drives these recently created works, acting as a life cycle that is at the same time inevitable and impossible, that keeps us somewhere between here and there, that keep us perpetually suspended.




After graduating in Industrial Design at the University of Cali, Armando Mesías completed a Master in Art at the University of Arts London (UAL) and perfected his traditional painting and drawing technique at the Barcelona Academy of Art for 4 years. He has had individual exhibitions in Bogotá, Lisbon, Barcelona and Paris, having exhibited his work in group shows throughout America, Europe and Asia.

  • Photos by Julia de la Hera