4 -31 May 2020


Programa Taide launches the second phase of  #busyARThome, an initiative aimed at supporting the work of young and emerging visual artists.

The '#busyARThome' series of publications began on the Programa Taide's Instagram account on March 23, 2020 with the aim of finding a creative response to the unprecedented situation generated by the pandemic at a time when any contribution to the economy in general and the cultural sector in particular is more necessary than ever.


At its completion, #busyARThome had counted on the contributions of 150 artists, both in Spain and internationally. Through these contributions, artists shared their experiences, reflections and feelings during the period of confinement, as well as the way in which they managed to carry out their work.

In a new phase of the project, the works of a selection of participating artists are now available on Programa Taide's website with a single price of 200 euros. With this, we combine the public's interest in acquiring a work of art with the desire to perform an act of generosity while, at the same time, we call for creativity on the part of artists to adjust to this criterion at a time when the resources available are scarce.


With this initiative, in Programa Taide we continue to fulfill our mission, consisting of supporting and promoting the work of young and emerging artists whom we know and whose work we very much admire.

#busyARThome en los medios-

Participating artists:

Alberto Acinas, Aggtelek, Elena Ardao, Roko de Ávila, Marina Benito, Pablo Carpio, Gabriel Castaño,

Xavi Ceerre, Desi Civera, Toni Ferrer, Isabel Flores, Julián Galindo, Cristina Gamón, Guillermo García Cruz, 

García_Fernández, Helena Goñi, Lorena Gutiérrez Camejo, Cayetana H. Cuyás, Pablo Iglesias Prada,

Daniel Jordán, Marta Lapeña, Ignacio Lobera, Alba Lorente, Valeria Maculan, Rocío Madrid, Rodrigo Martín,

Pau Masana Diego, Victor Mejuto, Pablo Merchante, Armando Mesías, Mikha-ez, Jesu Moratiel,

Esther Olondriz, José Palacios, Los Picoletos, Pol Pintó, Gema Polanco, Miquel Ponce, Diego Quejido,

Armando Rabadán, Luciana Rago, Chema Rodríguez, Javier Rodríguez Lozano, Martina Rodríguez Morán, Fernando Romero, José M. Ruiz Bermúdez, Laura San Segundo,  Quique Sarzamora, Miguel SBastida,

Miguel Scheroff, Cecilia Sebastián, Iñigo Sesma, Claudia Suárez, Luciano Suárez, Cristóbal Tabares,

Elisa de la Torre, Raúl de la Torre, Torregar, Paula Valdeón Lemus, Diego Vallejo, Eva Zaragozá.