'Reset'. Conversation at

Fernando Pradilla gallery

24 September 2020

Fernando Pradilla gallery, Madrid

Last Thursday, in collaboration with Fernando Pradilla gallery, who kindly offered their space in Madrid, and COLECCIONA, we had the privilege of enjoying a conversation on the curatorial project 'Reset: Tales from the Vanguard', in the context of Edwin Monsalve's show 'Topofilia'.


In the conversation, which gathered together artists Bea Aiguabella and Iñaki Domingo, as well as Victorino Rosón Diez Feijóo and Celia S de Birbragher, topics related to the effects of the crisis caused by the pandemic were addressed, as well as its consequences on the both the system of art and on the artists' practice in particular.

The event was broadcasted via the official Instagram accounts of Fernando Pradilla Gallery, Estampa Contemporary Art Fair and Programa Taide.




Bea Aiguabella

Zaragoza, 1989

Participating artist

in 'Reset'

Madrid, 1978

Participating artist

in 'Reset'

Iñaki Domingo

Madrid, 1991

Aldebarán Collection,

collaborator in 'Reset'

Victorino Rosón Diez-Feijóo