Things we said today

December 15, 2020 to January 10, 2021


" no longer knows if the achievement of humanity is to discover even more things to say about the same, or if the achievement is to find another piece of gossip to change the conversation today. And now you make peace with it and you think: well that each which one says what it wants ... and that's it. "


The project arises as a response to the challenge posed by the previous reflection - made by an artist during a study visit - with the aim of building a collective exhibition / archive whose works of art, by incorporating text in any of its demonstrations, make up a visual record of 'the' things we were saying today ', that is, at the end of 2020.

With this premise, we have brought together the proposals of a group of international artists whose works emphasize the linguistic and textual element of the creative process. We also promote the use of freedom of expression to give rise to an exercise in communication by the artist, as well as visualization, reading, listening and individual reflection and
collective by the public.

Participating artists:

Aggtelek Duo, Guillermo García Cruz, García_Fernández, Olalla Gómez Valdericeda, Anatol Knotek, Eike König, Elena Lavellés, Ignacio Lobera, Alba Lorente, Inés Maestre, Raisa Maudit, Cristina Mejías, Armando Mesías, Tito Pérez Mora, Avelino Sala, Verena Smit, Nicolas Vander Biest .

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