Draw for your (EU) r rights

23 January - 9 February 2020

Loom Salamanca, Madrid


European Comission



Programa Taide

'Draw for your (EU) r Rights' has its roots in the commitment of community policies to the protection and empowerment of citizens in their role as consumers within the framework of the European Union. In this regard, the fundamental axes around which these policies gravitate are: the reinforcement of consumer safety guarantees, the insistence on the dissemination of information regarding the rights that protect them, the strengthening of strategies for the compliance with the regulations that protect them and the integration of their interests in the policies of the different commercial sectors.

In this context, this exhibition, belonging to the #yourEUright campaign, brings together the illustrations of seven different artists around as many fundamental consumer rights: returns within 14 days, safe products, package travel, fair contracts, exchange of bank and bank transparency, truthful advertising and guarantee of repair or replacement.


Each of the exhibited works thus responds to the European Commission's strategy of putting into circulation mechanisms for the empowerment of consumers through the transmission of relevant information and increasing their awareness of the rights that protect them, as well as as well as the tools available for claiming and requesting compensation and compensation. It is, therefore, a further step towards the objective of generating policies and standards of high level of protection for consumers in the European Union that allow them to benefit from the economic progress that the common territory and its internal market have achieved over the last 50 years. 

Participating artists:

Jero Becarés , Alba Blázquez ,

Alba Cantalapiedra , Coco Escribano ,

Carlota Pereiro , Carlos Rodríguez Casado and Ana Suárez