12 Nov - 6 Dec 2020 

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Born in Bilbao, Spain, in 1986, Leticia Sampedro currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. A multidisciplinary artist with influences from traditional design, her abstract paintings explore notions of composition, color, texture and shape.


Leticia Sampedro's work is loaded with concepts and references from traditional Spanish poetry, haikus and aphorisms. In her works, created through meditation and intuition, the artist displays a visual language that provides the viewer a sense of calm, while defying logic by reducing the graphic representations of data, symbols and writing to their minimum expression .

“The phrase is said by Hall, the artificial intelligence, co-star of Stanley Kubrick's '2001, A Space Odyssey', to an astronaut who is showing him his drawings (...) An advanced machine like him would be capable of creating perfect images so, coming from him, such compliment could not be anything other than sarcastic or even fake.

Part of my work highlights the importance of imperfection as a human quality, rather than as a negative element, as well as intuitive composition as a competitive advantage over machines. "

Leticia Sampedro Tavnrd_edited.jpg

Leticia sampedro

'That's a very nice rendering, Dave' , 2020

Acrylic, oil stick, spray, freehand etchings and pencil on canvas
60 x 50 cms | 24 x 20 in

" this new series I've chosen to focus on statistics, and lines found on the human hand-palm."


- Leticia Sampedro


Leticia sampedro

Multiple Choice , 2020

Acrylic, oil stick , spray, freehand etchings and pencil on canvas

60 x 50 cms | 24 x 20 in

"Multiple choice is an alternative to a binary system in which only two options are presented, or in which only one answer is accepted as correct."

HILMA AF KLINT (1862-1944)

The work of Leticia Sampedro recontextualizes that of the Swedish artist and her pioneering research in the field of abstraction that was already taking place at the end of the 19th century.

"The paintings were painted directly through me, without preliminary drawings and with great power. I had no ideawhat the pictures would depict and still worked quickly and surely without changing a single brush-stroke"

- Hilma Af Klint


"It seems like she is making pictures of how things are interrelated.


She is trying to make a picture that draws on disparate fields of knowledge in a synthetic manner.

She is producing a picture that is both image and diagram. . . .


In essence, she’s offering a Gaia-like theory of radical holistic interconnectivity"


Helen Molesworth,

critic and curator,

on Hilma Af Klint's work.

Hilma af klint

Group V, The Seven-Pointed Star, No. 1 & No. 2 , 1908, details


Leticia sampedro

Rate of change, 2020

Acrylic, oil stick , spray, freehand etchings and pencil on canvas
90 x 90 cms | 36 x 36 in

Leticia sampedro

The will , 2020

Acrylic, oil stick , spray, freehand etchings and pencil on canvas
90 x 90 cms | 36 x 36 in


"Although in my works I do not seek the representation of a specific image, I do introduce representative elements in the form of icons. I use this word very intentionally, because I am interested in both its meaning within the digital world (a small image that represents something) and in the religious one (object of devotion) "


- Leticia Sampedro

"Each of the main elements is linear and in turn 'floats' and piles up, like our phrases when expressed. The background textures are created by means of a knife rub that reveals the layers of oil that were applied in the first place, forming random details.


I want to contrast the latter with the heavier and more intentional details, such as the markings made with industrial spray, which in turn suggest angles and an incipient multidimensional perspective effect on the plane. The strokes are presented isolated from each other and in the foreground.

I want them to be perceived as a swinging of metaphor and meaningless material.


I want to highlight the materials, gestures and processes involved in the creation of each piece. That each element is observed individually and as part of a set."


Leticia sampedro

Statements and chance, 2020

Acrylic, oil stick , spray, freehand etchings and pencil on canvas
90 x 90 cms | 36 x 36 in

“These two archetypal figures appear in the tarot under the numbers 0 and 1, which in turn are the elements of the binary code used by computers to encode data.


Related to beginnings and origins, it is not difficult to establish a connection between them with the creative and artistic process. The magician or alchemist composes through the four elements (earth, water, air and fire). The fool works under his own system, created, in parallel with society. "

Leticia Sampedro tmatf.jpg

Leticia sampedro

The magician and the fool, 2020

Acrylic, oil stick , spray, freehand etchings and pencil on canvas
50 x 40 cms | 20 x 16 in

Leticia Sampedro studied Art Direction at M.A.S. in Madrid and Brooklyn. She has recently exhibited het work at the Czech Center, NY; The Wrong Art Biennial; CICA Museum, South Korea; The Highline, NY; Stream Gallery, NY; among others.

Leticia Sampedro has also performed at MoMa PS1, NY; Knockdown Center, NY; Springbreak Art Show, NY; and has been awarded a place at feminist artist residency 'BUOY', CT. The artist paintings are in collections across the United States, South America, and Europe.

'Here, there and everywhere'

Programa Taide 20/21


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