At Programa Taide we develop artistic projects in collaboration with individuals, private companies and public institutions both in Spain and globally


Partnerships and collaborations-

With our work we generate opportunities for young and emerging artists, both on the Spanish and the international scene, through a programme that provides them with exhibition mechanisms, additional income and meeting points with the public and relevant art professionals.

Collaboration and support from individuals, companies and institutions is vital in order to continue fulfilling our mission. There are many ways through which you can join our mission, from donating to creating projects together.

Take a look at a list of our partners and sponsors here.


Working together-

The ways in which we can work together to carry out projects in the context of artistic creation are manifold:


  • Partnerships for the production and organization of exhibition / curated projects.

  • Commissions to artists: interventions, murals, design, etc.

  • Acquisition of works of art.

  • Architecture and Interior Design projects.

  • Collaborations between artists and brands for the design of products / campaigns.

  • Organization of private and public events, study visits, creation workshops.

  • Sponsorship of exhibitions, projects and events.

If you want to collaborate with us, email us at arte@programataide and we will contact you to explore the possibilities to carry out projects together.