Programa Taide is a cultural management and artistic production organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of visual artists
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Curatorial projects- from 2018 on, in Programa Taide we have worked with over a hundred artists globally in a range of projects in which we have also joined forces with galleries, collectors, companies, institutions and art professionals.

Art Advisory- we advise our clients in the acquisition of works of art.

Architecture & Interior Design-

we work with architecture and interior design studios to involve visual artists in their projects, both through the acquisition of works and through the execution of commissions and space interventions..

Brands- we manage collaborations between visual artists and brands who demand their work for the design of their products and their campaigns, as well as for the organization of events..

  • Photo: Iciar J. Carrasco

Meet us-

Zoraya Ghanem, Director


Born in Madrid in 1988, during her first five years of professional career, Zoraya was part of the Financial Analysis teams of the investment bank Ithmar Invest PSC in Amman (Jordan) and the multinational firm Deloitte in Madrid.

In 2014 she joined the Valuation team at Sotheby's auction house in London, where she was responsible for supervising the valuation processes of private and institutional art collections. Later, she joined the Contemporary Art department as a Business and Data Analyst, returning to Madrid in May 2018 to co-found Programa Taide.




José Luis Guijarro, Director


Born in Madrid in 1976, José Luis Guijarro has a PhD in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid, an MA in Art Business from the Sotheby's Institute of Art and a Master's Degree in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture from the Autonoma University of Madrid. In recent years he has worked in London for the Department of Contemporary Art at Christie's and as Curatorial Director and Valuations at MutualArt, returning to Madrid in mid-2018 to co-found Programa Taide.


He is a professor for the Master in Art Market and Management of Related Companies at the Univ. of Nebrija, where he teaches 'Emerging Markets: China, India and Latin America'.