'Polylumpious Tetraflacidontics' by Ester Partegàs

#Theloooop (Insiders Edition): if there is a series of works that fascinates AD Director Enric Pastor, that is ‘Polylumpious Tetraflacidontics’ by Ester Partegàs.

"Dyes, emulsifiers and other artificial substances are the protagonists of Ester Partegàs's series 'Polylumpious Tetraflacidontics'. The artist builds her work from a critique of consumer society and here she reproduces, increasing its scale, the labels of food and medicines with the colourful joy and suggestive forms of marketing, seeking beauty and poetry in harmful consumption, highlighting that small print that makes us vulnerable, today above all. I have lived with one of them for years and every day I find new meaning in it.”

- Enric Pastor -

Thanks Enric for your contribution.

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