Reset: Tales from the Vanguard

June 3 to July 19, 2020

In collaboration with

Victorino Rosón Diez-Feijóo (Aldebaran Collection)

and Celia S de Birbragher (ArtNexus)

Participating artists:

Hugo Alonso, Bea Aiguabella, Paul Antón,

Augusto Ballardo, Iñaki Domingo, Beatriz Dubois, Fuentesal & Arenillas, Filippo Giusti, Macarena Gross, Felipe Lavín, Edwin Monsalve, Mario Navarro, Javier Rodríguez Lozano,

Josh Rowell, Felipe Seixas, Keke Vilabelda.

About Victorino Rosón Diez-Feijóo and 

the Aldeabarán Collection 


The collection was created in the late 1980s as a personal project of collector Victorino Rosón (patron of the ARCO Foundation and winner of the 2012 ARCO Prize in the category of private collecting). The collection was gradually positioned within the conceptualist and minimalist approaches to art. As time went by, the collection incorporated artists such as John Baldessari, Robert Barry, Max Bill, Martín Chirino, José Dávila, Carsten Höller, Jonathan Meese, Thomas Ruff, Thomas Scheibitz or Lawrence Weiner.

His son Victorino, who today accompanies us in this curatorial project, has begun to develop projects related to the family collection and promotes the work of collecting and patronage that his father carried out with great passion. At 29 years, Victorino has decided to continue expanding the collection (recently named the Aldebarán Collection) after a long learning process, during which he has identified the discourse he wants to provide to his project.


About Celia Sredni de Birbragher and Artnexus


Celia Sredni de Birbragher is a Colombian editor, researcher, collector and critic who has supported the arts in Latin America for over 40 years. She has a Master of Arts from the Universidad de los Andes and has been editor and director of Artnexus/Arte in Colombia since 1976. In 1997, Birbragher created the Artnexus Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports, among other projects, the ArtNexus Documentation Center based in Bogotá. In 2001, he created, which has remained in constant development and update until today.

The crisis that has been affecting the entire planet since the beginning of 2020 has brought us face to face with our own reality, calling into question all existing systems and convictions. In a global scenario marked by uncertainty, the importance of rethinking the future from the individual and the local emerges as one of the only certainties.

‘Reset: Tales from the Vanguard’, aims to reflect on the global crisis caused by the expansion of the Covid-19 from the field of artistic practice. To this end, with the collaboration of Victorino Rosón Diez-Feijóo (Aldebarán Collection) and Celia S de Birbragher (Artnexus), this curatorial project has invited a selection of international artists to share their personal views on the current situation and its consequences.

Each of the proposed works, together with the individual reflections by the artists, constitutes a personal way of approaching both the present time and the future. In this way, we present a unique vision of this crucial moment in which both the art system itself and society in general are undergoing a tension and uncertainty unprecedented in recent decades.

Artists' tales-

Bea Aiguabella, Paul Antón, Iñaki Domingo, Beatriz Dubois, Filippo Giusti, Macarena Gross, Javier Rodríguez Lozano, Josh Rowell and Keke Vilabelda offer us their reflections as artists in relation to the crisis caused by the spread of covid-19.

RESET: As a society, what is the greatest learning that covid19 is leaving us for the future?

RESET: In what ways has this crisis affected your artistic practice?

'Reset' in the media -

Strange times, as always": reflections on covid-19, the excess of opinions and the need for silence"

Ianko López, ICON DESIGN, El País, Spain, 4 June 2020

Fifteen creators make up 'Reset': artists reflect on the current contingency
Israel Sánchez, REFORMA CULTURA, México, 18 July 2020

RESET- Tales from the Vanguard
Rubén Manrique, NEO2 Magazine, Spain, 4 June 2020


RESET: Tales from the Vanguard

Spain, 3 June 2020

'Reset' at Fernando Pradilla-

  • 'Reset', conversation at Fernando Pradilla gallery with the participation of Bea Aiguabella, Iñaki Domingo, Victorino Rosón Diez-Feijóo and Celia S de Birbragher.