Armando Mesías: Studio

10 - 13 September 2020

Fernando VI 21, Madrid

Organized by Programa Taide in collaboration with Daniel Benjamin Gallery, 'Luz Materia' proposes a selection of works that explore the possibilities of photography, sculpture and drawing, based on a precise and meticulous use of light, space and forms whose effect translates into a loss of links to reality in favor of the abstract appearance of the compositions.

Jemma Appleby investigates the subject of architecture and space through the use of black charcoal to create precise architectural shapes by hand. The use of this material allows her to study the ways in which light reacts with different structures. At first approach the subjects seem abstract, but upon noticing the shapes’ smooth surfaces, the viewer notices a ‘real’ element to it with the light absorbing one’s attention and shadows confirming their authenticity. Continuing the dialogue between the artists and the space, she displays different angles of a staircase and records in what ways we can view a essential architectural element  with a simple format and its different variations and versions.

Juan Baraja uses photography to capture a specific moment rather than the subject itself. Through patience, he waits until the precise point in time to capture the way the subject of his pieces interact with different elements found in nature such as wind and light. His creative process involves waiting for the ideal abstract-like composition to come to reality.

Alike Juan Baraja, Iñaki Domingo fights for the purity and basic state of an object. To do so, he strips away colour to highlight the different textures, imperfections, and other characteristics. The white surface communicates the absence of colour and the presence of different characteristics which compose the piece. One of his piece Mirror piece shows a complete absence of colour and transparency, showing the willingness and openness to adopt the colours and subjects of its surroundings while interacting with the space.

Ana de Fontecha’s pieces are a transposition of passage found between architecture and art. She works with basic, pure, geometrical shapes and redesigns them to give the illusion it is useable and therefore a practical object. She defines the line between what is considered to be an architecture piece or art. Additionally, these artworks converse with the space and considers light to play an instrumental role, alike with architecture buildings as they create shadow and therefore, movement. The use of dark colours draws the sunlight towards the pieces and absorbs it. These pieces interact with the space around them by recreating the structures seen and creating a proliferating effect, almost alike a growing city when perceived through a bird’s eye view perspective.





Thursday May 23: Opening, 7pm to 10pm


Friday May 24: Private visit, 6pm to 10pm


Saturday May 25: Vermouth, 12 a.m. to 2 p.m., with a presentation of the works by Jerónimo van Schendel at 1 p.m.

In collaboration with:

Corcovo Wines

La Chula Beers