Voice, as well as Vote

08-09 November 2019

CSA La Tabacalera, Madrid

On November 10th, once again, citizens were forced to confront the inability of the different political forces to reach government agreements. Each of the 26,201,371 individual wills expressed in the form of a vote on April 28th had been annulled and recalled to the polls. Is there anyone listening on the other side of this call? Will politicians drop the conversation again?

Voice, as well as Vote (Groundhog Day), are days of artistic reflection to take place on November 8th and 9th by Calipsofacto and Programa Taide at CSA La Tabacalera, during which the recent memory of visitors / voters is appealed through a set of participatory devices and strategies that transfer democracy —its systems, mechanisms and norms— to the playful space in the union of art and life.

This program is the second, festive round of The Day You Actually Voted, an artistic action held at the CSA La Tabacalera in Madrid, in the context of the General Elections of April 28th, 2019 in Spain. The meeting defended the role of creativity in society while denouncing, through a participatory artistic fiction, the scarce and even insignificant weight of culture in the different electoral programs: What if it were the artists who could present their programs to the people to be put to the vote in the elections?

This new artistic call shifts the emphasis from the fact of the vote towards the possibility of the voice, considered here in a broad sense as oral, gestural and / or bodily expression. Arising from a collective research work, the audiovisual installations and the activities of the program for these days transfer the reflective and emotional flow that hides behind the individual exercise of the vote to the center of an exhibition / conversation. The ballot is too small to accommodate everything that we would like to be able to say, shout or express when facing these new elections.

We understand that the repetition (in a loop) of the electoral mechanism is a dangerous Déjà vu that delegates to the voters the responsibility of unblocking the political situation, without proposing other valid alternatives. Faced with the lack of guarantees that the current democratic system will echo the will expressed at the polls, Voice, as well as Vote (Groundhog Day) vindicates the creativity of participatory art as a practice of listening, space for meeting and debate, relational tool and self-critical agency mechanism in the face of the dangerous camouflage of a political scene that has become more fiction than the realm of art itself.


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